October 3, 2008

The world shakes
The finacial markets are havin' earthquakes.
The credits dried up
But the average man don't give a fuck

The Fed is taking the bankers to bed.
Free markets they screamed.
But when they mess up they work up a sheen.
Like Charlie, but their rehab is 700 bill

Where's the competition?
Oh, you messed up and got some toxic assets?
You borrowed 33 dollars to 1 when you were havin' fun
You could file for chapter 11,
but there's no time.
Your costing the country a nickel and a dime.
What's the plan.
Who's the man

Authority figure?
Lay down the law.
The bankers are in a bawl.

「We took too many risks and lost our head」
The finacial business is stricken to bed
This shit is mixed up like Britney and K-fed.

If we get this bailout of our head
And into our bed
Nothing could stop us
Not Osama, not Obama, not even yo momma.
Because we have vertical integration
We can stop a whole nation
Don't bemoan us,
This could be our finest opus.
Oita, Japan

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