June 28, 2007

You can now track me on Technorati

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Hey, look for me and other great Japanese blogs on Technorati. If you find any good ones make sure you send them to me :)

June 25, 2007

On the move

Soon you guys will be seeing some new and old things on the website. If your a little confused, let me explain. The gaijin guide has currently moved locations to Geneva, Switzerland. This turns out to be a great opportunity to expand the scope of Gaijin Guide to include various locations in Western Europe. I am still going through a ton of content in the form of videos and pictures of Japan so stay tuned for that, but also expect so gorgeous video and Pictures from around Europe :)

June 5, 2007

Hanshin Tigers

I head out to watch a Hanshin Tigers game at Koshien Stadium in Osaka. Copious amounts of fun ensue.


June 3, 2007

Moneys' faults




This is a proverb from China.

The things you can buy with money & the things you cannot buy with money.

One can buy a house, but cannot buy a home
One can buy a watch, but cannot buy time
One can buy a bed, but cannot buy sleep
One can buy a book, but cannot buy wisdom
One can buy a skilled doctor, but cannot buy health
One can buy social status, but cannot buy respect
One can buy blood, but cannot buy life
One can buy sex, but cannot buy love"

I got this from RemiFebruary check out her blog here
and her youtube videos here