October 16, 2008

Straight Ahead

Osaka, Japan

You might be worried about driving in Japan, but let me reassure you that as long as you can drive straight, like the picture above shows, you are all good.  Don't ask me what you should do if you have to turn though.

On a more serious note, driving really isn't all that hard.  Major stuff is usually signed in English and if you don't read any Japanese you can still functionally get around.  Of course, if you can read Japanese you get all the bonuses like short cuts and mushroom power-ups.  Mario Kart 64 Wooh!

Back to the picture, why in hell do you need that many signs block after block repeating the same information?  Yes, this is a street you can  go straight (that is the default isn't it?).  You don't have to constantly remind me :)  Well, the Japanese do love rules.

Oh, in side news I am back from Osaka and Kyoto.  Should have a video and more pictures up soon.

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