October 10, 2008

Travel Plans

Hypocenter Park, Nagasaki

I head off to Osaka this Saturday to visit some friends from Kansai Gaidai, where I did my study abroad for a semester just under 2 years ago.  To think that two years have passed since I was study in Japan is a little mind numbing.  I feels like so many things have happened--my views of and goals for life have changed, I changed the country where I reside, I have made new friends and lost others, dated different girls, worked a summer in Richmond, the list goes on.  So many things have happened, but the time doesn't feel all the long.  I guess I have collected enough years to have the perspective that 2 years really isn't all that long.  I have projects and plans in the works that will span a greater length of time.

Enough reminiscing and introspective.  I should be packing right now.  I will be going by shinkansen (bullet train).  The whole trip should take about 4 hours.  I am staying 4 nights, so I have a sizable amount of time to explore Osaka and Kyoto again.  I can't promise a lot of video or pictures for this trip is about people and reestablishing old connections that in hindsight really aren't that old.  Take care and if you have a blog or vlog leave a link in the comments.  You've been reading about my life. I think its time you let me read about yours.

Gaijn Guide

Current book: On the Road by Jack Kerouac
             song: "Don't leave the light on baby" Belle and Sebastian
           video: Scenes from 'The War Tapes' 
             drink: A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon - Santa Helena Siglo de Oro 2006 of Chile

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