February 10, 2010

Quenching Weathered Hands

Quenching Weathered Hands

A railroad line runs right through the middle of Hanoi.  You could almost walk right over it and miss it.  It is such a part of city-life and little heed is payed to the proximity in which bikes are parked to it or buildings are built to it.  Its path through the city is little wider than a small alley.  The above picture captures a moment that is as ordinary as it is extraordinary. 

February 8, 2010

Maiko & Geiko Correspondence

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I didn't take this, but this Maiko is stunning. This blew me away when I saw it.

February 3, 2010

Children of Cambodia - Unguarded Moments

Each photo captures an unguarded moment. The first one a private moment of weariness  and the second an unreserved smile.  For children in Cambodia, these emotions are ever present in their eyes.  Their success selling souvenirs each day effects that night's dinner.  You can see the urgency in their eyes as they go from tourist to tourist and the weight on their shoulders.  However, in moments where no one is looking the immature child within bubbles through and lips curve and teeth flash.  Though only fleeting these moments reveal a self that is free of the  burdens of reality.

Kids in Cambodia - Long Day

Kids in Cambodia - Smile

February 2, 2010

On Fishermen...

The way I see it, a fisherman always has a love and a mistress. His boat is his love and the sea is his mistress. Sometimes the mistress takes him and other times she takes both him and his love. The first picture is a meditation on what happens to his love after he joins his mistress. The second one, well, lets just say they had a three-way run in and the mistress came out on top.

When a Fisherman Dies, What Happens to His Love?

Sun Drenched Reclusive Beach

February 1, 2010

Kids in Cambodia - Guarded Smile

Kids in Cambodia - Guarded Smile

This was the cutest girl I saw in Cambodia. She was only seven and had a sweet attitude. In between her performance on a toy flute she stopped so I could take her picture. You could see she still had her innocence in a country where children are forced to grow up fast for their and their family's survival.