February 14, 2007

Episode 03


Here is episode 03 of the Gaijin Guide, coming to you with a big box of chocolates because its Valentine's Day. Listen to learn all about Nara Park, the Fertility Festival I attended, and Valentine's Day in Japan. Make sure to check out the accompanying video to see the highlights of the Fertility Festival with your own eyes. You will not regret it, especially if your watch the end of the video, its hilarious. You can get the episode here

February 11, 2007

Episode 03 Companion Video

While I'm getting episode 03 together, I thought I would release the companion video that goes along with it. This video consists of clips from my recent trip to a Fertility Festival at Asuka Temple in Nara. It includes a traditional dance preformed by a kimono clad beauty, a humorous reenactment of conception, and spanking, yes spanking. In America this would be sexual harassment, in Japan its just a good old time. Sit back and watch this traditional yet hilarious 4 minute video here.