March 25, 2011

Japanese Blooming Flower Tea

I found a type of tea made from a dried flower that is wrapped in green tea leaves . Once hot water is poured over it, it blooms in the glass. I decided to make an accompanying video to show off the different stages of the steeping process. It's beautiful to watch. If you love tea, you'll love this video!

By the way, if you love tea China is a heavenly experience. I imagine India and the Middle East are a tea lover's paradise too. I will have to travel there one day to see the unique teas they have. 

Before coming to Japan for the first time, I rarely drank tea.  My first experience with bitter green tea changed all that and I have gone on a tasting journey since.  The tea culture and my travels in Asia have given me the chance to drink corn tea in Korea, Jasmine and Wolong tea in China, Macha and wheat (Mugi) tea in Japan, and many others.  I hope to continue this tasting adventure and add updates and relevant video here.

If you have any recommendations and useful info please leave it in the comments. 

Music is "If" by Peter Rudenko and used under a CC-BY 3.0 License.

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