November 13, 2008

The Myth of Kagura

I had the opportunity to see kagura about three weekends back. The town which held the 5 hour performance is famous throughout Kyushu for its Kagura dances, and with good reason. It was truely amazing, and seemed like the whole town pulled together to make the event happen. I learned that a couple of my students are actually in training at the moment. But this isn't normal training, they start young at elementary school and don't preform as official dancers or music players until they are in their late teens. That is some dedication. I edited the video into the essence of the story that was told at the performance. Enjoy.

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celeres said...

Tnx !

If you have any other video of this kind or pictures, please contact me, because I really like it.

Even if you dont, I would like to chat with you because I like Japan and want to learn more about it-and you are doing just that by showing us your tradition.