November 5, 2008

My Name Obama

Congratulations Americans. As my Japanese Grandma and Grandpa said today the world will change. This is a sure fact--the world will change. I hope for the better. Time will tell. For those of you living overseas who might not have seen the President-elect Barack Obama's speech, you can find it here. This is certainly an exciting time to be alive even though uncertainty and crisis seem to be lurking at every corner. Let us lead the world to a better tomorrow through our actions today.

Courtesy of stuckincustoms

Anywho, enjoy this clip on Youtube. It is of a Japanese comedian who resembles Obama, well at least as much as a Japanese person can :) It chronicles his quest to meet and shake hands will the bona fide man himself. Skip to 3:40 to see him hilariously shake hands with Obama. The real Obama's reaction is priceless.

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