July 18, 2007

Moving in Geneva

Here is a little change from all the Japanese stuff on the site, it is an email that I wrote about 1 1/2 months ago when I was changing residence:

So today was quite a trip. It started off good as I checked out of the hotel, but left my suitcases as I had to work. {The reason I wasn't able to drop them at Mandat International earlier in the week was because the Italian girl working in the office at the time said, "she didn't want the responsibility".} So at least I didn't have to take these behemoths to work that would have been a disaster.

Speaking of disasters, This afternoon I went to the hotel to get the small whales aka suitcases. I get outside and apparently the bus stop in front of the hotel doesn't run to the tram I need, so I decide to walk to the closest tram stop. Now was that smart? not very. What normally takes 10 minutes with my little work briefcase took....Well I'm not sure but lets say I had to stop multiple times to rest and switch hands and by multiple I mean take the number your thinking of and multiple it by 3.

So I get to the tram and one comes fairly soon. Awesome? Not really. Yes that great time of day called "rush hour". So the train is packed there is a lady with a stroller in part of the zone with no seats and as I drag my whales towards the other half a short smally built man saunters in front of me into the "if you have luggage stand here zone". I was seeing red. To put a cherry on top at the next stop another mother with a stroller comes on.

Great now I'm blocking the stairs and keeping a mother and baby hanging half-way out of the tram while the door bell buzzes, and the short smally built man who I want to kill leans against a railing looking out the window.

I make it to my stop and try to locate the spot where the free shuttle from Mandat International will pick me up. Scratch that, as I wait where I think it will come I whizzes past me. Oh nice this is going to be fun.

I find the "V" bus that will take me fairly close to where Mandat is. Maybe "V" will mean victory? Nope this bus runs hourly.

I get on the bus after waiting in the heat. Some people actually help thank God for Italian tourists.

I get off at the right stop. Sweet. I find out that Mandat is 1.5 miles away. Not Sweet. Some of it is up hill. More un-sweet.

I start going and finally turn on to the path that leads to Mandat. {if you don't know, Mandat is an old French style Manor House that is in the country and has been turned into a "welcome center" for various NGO diplomats mainly from 3rd world countries or indigenous peoples. In other words it is subsidized and has cool people. It also has a 1.2 km driveway through the woods. Not so much fun when you have a 28kg suitcase and a 16kg hangup bag and a backpack with books and a computer in it. Halfway through the bugs were biting and skin was actually coming off my hands. Some people drove by in cars but none stopped. They did offer me a nice smile though :).

I make it to the house. Thank God now I just have to check-in. I want to shout with joy, but why is the reception room dark? "What is this" I say the hours say from 7-9. It is 7:20

So now I am in the computer room typing you this.

I hope your day was grand. Mine sure was, I mean still is very interesting.

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