July 25, 2007

Community Input お願いします

So I have been updating this blog for about 7 months off and on, and now I think it is time to ask you guys and girls what you would like to see. You listeners have been growing, well at least that is what feedburner is telling me, but the interaction that I have been hoping for hasn't reached its full potential.

This might be due to the rather irregular and varied content. So to cut a boring post short, would you like more videos showing parts of Japan, vlogs in Japanese, posts in Japanese, more pictures of Japan, more stories, and/or resources for studying Japanese. Oh yeah more podcasts? Remember those? I put out three of them in the beginning and recorded about 2 more but never edited them. (ah the memories)

I think I would like to narrow the focus of the blog so give me some input by leaving a comment our email me at gaijinguide@gmail.com


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