January 31, 2010

The Garden of Tea


I am planning a charity bike ride in March that will cover approximately 300km in 3 days. My main responsiblity is the route. I have it planned out and yesterday I had the chance to actually drive the whole thing. It is a beautiful route encompassing mountains, valleys, and the northwestern coastline of the island of Kyushu. I was stunned by some of the views and pinning for the day when I get to ride the whole thing. The above picture is from route 122 which hugs the coastline. I saw a sign for a "tea road observation point" and drove up it. This was the spectacular view I saw. I had fun wandering through the bushes of tea and snapping away.


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Nobodyhearsyou said...

Still trying to figure out how to sign up for the charity ride. Please let me know. Thanks.