January 25, 2009

Pringles in Japan

Its mofoing Pringles time. Now I wasn't really a Pringles fan in America and I can't say that I am in Japan, but I have actually bought them of my own volition here and that has to do solely with the crazy and delicious flavors they come up with. Around Christmas, I snapped these photos at the local supermarket. If Pringles would put these flavors out in America, they might actually save some face and stop losing to Doritos and Tostitos.

First up we have Onion Cheese Gratin, which is looking mighty fine in its pink can. When I first saw it, I was excited because I thought it was lasagna, but on reading the label found out it was not to be :(.

Next, Honey Roasted Chicken. Made to coincide with the Japanese tradition of, you guessed it, buying honey roasted chicken or KFC for Christmas. Some traditions are better left unexplained and not understood. I do give a round of applause to the chicken industry and KFC marketing departments though.

Lastly, Bacon Sour Cream (I guess the potato part is implied). Seemingly the tamest of the three, but still something that I haven't seem from Pringles in the USA.

What are the flavors in your neck of the woods? If you can top this, by all means try. I'm sure when spring comes Pringles Japan will.

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TheGhost said...

Pringles is great. They got some of the most unique flavors I have ever seen.