March 1, 2008

Tokyo Punch, The Story of a Bristish Slug in Japan

Here is a short trailer of an animated series about a foreigner in Japan. The characters are insects instead of humans, which is an interesting design choice. The main character is a British slug and in a land full of Japanese ants. The premise is: a British gaijin comes to Japan and everything that can go wrong does. Expect cultural misunderstandings, awkward dialog, and jokes (well maybe. There actually isn't any dialog in the trailer, but that's what they told me.) Enjoy and check out the main site. BTW Tokyocooney is working on the project, and he made a short video about it so be sure to check that out.


mo said...

Commenting here since I didn't see your email on here -- I'm happy to link to you, but I'm not sure what the trackback URL would be for this post. What exactly do you want me to mention on my site? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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