January 24, 2007

The Glories of Japan

One of the great things about Japan is that all the news, blog, and mail services recognize you are in Japan and appear in Japanese, Oh wait. That blows. I've been weeding through my favorite pages trying to find the "in english" button sometimes finding it some times not. You are all warned. Luckily I can read hiragana and katakana and some kanji...otherwise. I'm putting this up to let you know that at the momemt I'm have some internet problems, aka I don't have it in my room yet. I want to do a new podcast but until I get some steady access I am going to hold off. But at least I am having some interesting experiences and getting some good pictures. I'll definately have a lot to talk about in the next cast. I with that I will focus it on the University process for foreign exchange students. So if your heading to Japan or thinking about studying in the great Nippon check out the coming podcast.

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